Big Rich, TD & Fletch

Big Rich, TD & Fletch

“Big Rich, TD & Fletch” airs weekday mornings from 6 - 9am on San Diego Sports 760 and features former NFL offensive lineman Rich Ohrnberger, Travis Dale and Ben Fletcher.


Big Rich Frozen Piña Colada Recipe!

The 'Big Rich Frozen Pina Colada'


3oz of Cream of Coconut

1.5oz of Light Rum

.75oz of Dark Rum

2 Big Pineapple Chunks

2oz of Pineapple Soda

1 Cup of Ice

Instructions: Mix Cream of Coconut, light rum, pineapple chunks, pineapple soda and ice into a blender. Pour into tall glass, garnish with pineapple wedges and pineapple leaves. Float dark rum on top of drink.

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