Feel Good, Inspiring and Patriotic. Why Was It Cut from TV Coverage?

Surely you've seen this wonderful interview of Olympic champion Tamyra Mensah-Stock:

We need that, right? Apparently, her dad died in a car accident leaving one of her competitions in High School. She said he would have been the loudest fan in the stands if he were here today. Wonderful story.

I saw that video yesterday afternoon. Wife and I watched the (terrible) prime-time coverage on NBC last night. They showed her gold medal-winning match and the host said, "We'll hear from the gold medalist, after the break."

I said, "Wife, you have to hear this girl, she's awesome."

We waited through the commercial and they played maybe 3 minutes of her post-match interview, AND THEY CUT THAT PART OUT! They didn't play what is maybe the most feel-good, inspiring, and patriotic moments of the entire Olympics!

Why not? Why would the producers cut that part out?

Photo: Getty Images

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