Is This Man California's Next Governor?

The recall is suddenly getting more fun and entertaining. Not only is it fascinating to watch California Governor Gavin Newsom squirm as the heat intensifies, but now even some of the contenders are feeling it in a way they didn’t expect.

Talk Radio Host Larry Elder has come out of nowhere to be the leader in the opposition, at least based on the two most recent polls. Conventional political “wisdom“ would have it that just because a person has name recognition, it doesn’t mean he or she can suddenly beat professional political operatives who have worked so long, methodically to try to win a race. 


This time it may be different. Not only does Elder have a strong following, and very consistent views on the issues, more of what he believes is now resonating with Californians… regardless of political party. He is a champion of liberty and freedom. On top of that, he is a person of color, unlike all of the other leading candidates including the incumbent governor. He is also very energetic and never boring. 

As problems continue to mount for Newsom and some of the other candidates, Larry Elder just might become the next Governor of California. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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