When Will The Madness End?

The entire Cal State system is requiring everyone on campus to be vaccinated this year and we have the head of the teachers union saying we are going to TRY to get our kids back in school this fall. TRY?

What is wrong with people? Why are we still listening to them?

The head of the CDC was on CNN and was asked why vaccinated people still need to wear masks and she said, “Every 20 vaccinated people, one or two of them could get a breakthrough infection. They may only get mild disease, but we wanted them to know that they could bring that mild disease home. They could bring it to others."

That's misinformation. And she knows it.

We KNOW, based on the CDC's own numbers, the chance of being hospitalized with a breakthrough infection (after being fully vaccinated) is .003%. The chance of dying is .0005. The chance of being struck by lightning is .0007%

People think that if a vaccine is 95% effective it means 5% of people will get COVID, or 1 in 20 people. No. 95% effective means that if two people are standing next to each, one vaccinated and one not vaccinated, ALL ELSE EQUAL, the vaccinated person has a 95% LOWER chance of being infected. But the chance of being infected is already low. 95% lower makes it even lower, infinitesimally low. And the chance of getting hospitalized or dying is almost zero.

If you're older, you should get vaccinated. 

But now we have to vaccinate ALL college kids (who rarely get sick from COVID) and maybe even keep kids out of school AGAIN? 

Enough already. Stop torturing us for your own moral superiority.

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