Let's Say No Thanks to SANDAG's Costly San Diego Transportation Plan

No more taxes!

We talked to County Supervisor Jim Desmond about SANDAG's latest tax increase proposal. (Interview below) Because so many people are driving electric cars and buying less gasoline (and because of our representatives insatiable greed), SANDAG wants to charge you PER MILE. How are they going to know how many miles you drive? By putting some device in your car that tracks when and where and how far you drive.

That should be DOA for every sane adult, but also don't forget what this is for.

This is to pay for a fraction of the $160 billion infrastructure, high-speed rail plan for the county. $160 BILLION. That is a laughably insane number.

For the 160 billionth time, that would be the biggest infrastructure project of all time. The Big Dig in Boston was "only" $23 billion. The ENTIRE Apollo space program, 17 missions to space and the moon over 11 years cost, adjusting for inflation, $250 billion. And you know the $160 is just their initial proposal. This is the same city that spent $250k on a single toilet.

No conversation can be had about this infrastructure proposal. $160 billion is off the charts. It would be like if you went to a sandwich shop, ordered your sandwich, watched them make it to your liking and then they told you "that'll be 800 million dollars." You'd laugh at them and walk away.

So should we to SANDAG.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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