San Diego's Future Transportation Plan. Visionary or Commuter Nightmare?

Just when you thought it was safe to get back to normal and drive around San Diego County, celebrating liberty and freedom after seemingly endless months of lockdown and restrictions… SANDAG is up to new tricks. Hold onto your wallet!


The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) led by Hasan Ikhrata is moving full speed ahead with his “bold vision”, whether people like it or not. It’s estimated to cost more than $160 billion and will likely be much more expensive than that. Choo-choo trains that supposedly go high speed, bike lanes and everything but flying unicorns seem to be in the mix. 

Bottom line: If you like driving your own vehicle, you will be penalized. "Vehicle use taxes", per mile, are just one area where revenue is going to be squeezed out of you, with more tracking of your every move by government. There are a variety of schemes that will end up creating only larger Bureaucracy and less individual freedom in a state where a majority of people prefer driving as opposed to being forced into mass transit.  

Big Brother is alive and well. 

But bureaucrats aren’t waiting for the “grand vision” to be officially approved. We’re being conditioned now to beg for more mass transit, because even today’s driving experience is made worse by city and county planners. At San Diego City Hall, behind the scenes, they refer to putting citizens on “road diets“. 

Many major streets around San Diego County feature potholes everywhere – creating hazards and the need for car repairs. There’s also the accelerated pace of parking space removal, like 500 spaces on 30th St. in San Diego, for the addition of endless bike lanes most people don’t use. It costs SANDAG $5.5 MILLION a mile to build bike lanes, by the way. 

On 4th and 5th Avenue in San Diego there are also confusing concrete planters that remove lanes for people to drive in cars, again for more bike lanes. 

And on it goes. The Director of SANDAG claims he doesn’t dislike the car he just wants to “enhance the driving experience“. Nice try. What is happening now is to make liberty and freedom behind the wheel more restrictive and more expensive. The thinking is if the people are made more miserable now, it’ll be easier for the public to approve all sorts of tax increases to come. 

We are onto it and we’re going to keep talking about it. The next SANDAG meeting is tomorrow, and you can participate via their website. 

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