The American Spirit Must Not Be Allowed To Extinguish

Don't let the idea that you can pull yourself up from your bootstraps, or take the next bus out of town, die in this country.

Every force in America is telling kids they CAN'T do it. We must proclaim that it's still possible.

Can't beat this wisdom from Morgan Freeman, but this was 2014, so he'll be cancelled if this spreads:

Kudos to Ron DeSantis for mandating not just that Critical Race Theory can't be taught to our kids, but that the evil of communism and tyranny also be taught. His bill also allows students to learn about the "real patriots" who escaped communism and socialism"

There's a reason why people are still streaming INTO America. In fact, the number of African immigrants continues to increase. Why would people from Africa want to move to such a racist country? Either they are wrong, or the Progressives HERE are wrong.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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