Under Pressure? But Who?

He was recently appointed to the San Dieguito High School board but he's now facing an effort to remove him, reportedly over his politics.

Say What? Ty Humes made history as the first person of color to join the board after his unanimous appointment April 22nd. He's a district parent and former president of the Del Mar Schools Education Foundation.

There's now a petition drive to get him removed and force a special election, apparently because the people in charge discovered he's a conservative instead of left of center. Tremendous union pressure is brought to bear and that includes what appears to be heavy-handed tactics to persuade trustees to change their minds.

I think the pressure being brought to bear on employees, instigated by the teachers union is outrageous and very revealing.

Humes told me he didn't expect the blowback to his appointment but the pressure is on. Listen to the full interview below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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