Education Caught Up in The Controversy of Culture

San Marcos High just started an Asian Student Union. A student asked why they don't have a union for every race, and the teacher came back at the student with a response you have to see to believe. Watch below.

Are you in a rush to send your kids back to public schools?

Can't wait to get more of this?

Please read this article from a teacher in NYC:

This line, "A recent faculty email chain received enthusiastic support for recommending that we “‘officially’ flag students” who appear “resistant” to the “culture we are trying to establish.'"

One should ask, "WHAT culture are they trying to establish exactly"?

It's not the same worldview you have. It's the exact opposite. And they'll be sure to tell your kid that your worldview is racist.

Also, Cal State San Marcos is considering deleting the name of the state senator who helped create the school. What was his great sin? In a committee meeting in 1993, he asked if we should have ID cards so illegal immigrants don't take jobs from citizens and he said that economically speaking, illegal immigrants are on the lower rung of society. 

Read more about it HERE

But Cal State San Marcos still has a statue of Caesar Chavez in the center of campus. The guy who called all illegals wetbacks and started an "Illegals Campaign" to deport illegal immigrants and whose cousin ran the "Wet lines" on the Arizona border to prevent illegal immigrants from coming across the river.

Could you imagine if a Trump militia did that today?

Chavez, "If we can get the illegals out of California, we will win the strike overnight." 

Giant statue of him still on campus today? Who wants to tear it down?

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