Manny Machado Becomes Highest-Paid Baseball Player In History

Manny Machado #8 of the Los Angeles Dodgers walks back to the dugout during Game 3 of the 2018 World Series against the Boston Red Sox at Dodger Stadium

After months of speculation and waiting, Manny Machado, Major League Baseball's most sought after free agent, has finally decided on where he will continue his prolific baseball career. The four-time all-star has reportedly agreed to a massive ten-year, $300 million deal with the San Diego Padres. The contract makes him the highest-paid player in baseball history.

The 26-year-old third baseman and shortstop finished the 2018 season with a .297 batting average, 37 home runs, 107 RBIs, and a career-high .905 slugging percentage.

The Padres are hoping that Machado's bat will improve their dismal offense, which was ranked 28th in the league, averaging just 3.8 runs per game last year.

Machado joins Eric Hosmer, who signed an eight-year, $144 million deal with the Padres last season. They hope that with the addition of Machado and the highest ranked farm system in baseball, they can finally make the playoffs after missing out for the past 12 seasons.

Photo: Getty Images

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