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A good friend of the Loose Cannons is a screen and script writer in Los Angeles. He is a massive SAN DIEGO Charger fan, and sent us his rendition of the bulls**t -- "FIGHT FOR LA" mission statement. Enjoy...


"This isn’t any City. This is Carson.

Carson is people and…well, you know, people! (And I think sometimes the Goodyear blimp docks here). Any respect given must be earned, like when you earn a ton of money from selling migrant farm workers baloney sandwiches or the score on the golf card you cheated on and turned in.

You show up dreaming about a massive profit margin, then make your loyal and underpaid employees attain it, while you line your own pockets and get your hair dyed that shi**y orangutan orange /rusty-nail color.

So we fight! Well, “fight” really isn’t the best word. That would involve physical exertion on our parts. More like “scratch”, with our manicured fingernails on our tender hands.

Every practice…where we can be spotted riding around the field in our golf carts.

Every play…that isn’t a season ending injury, sack, missed tackle, botched field goal or INT.

Every single inch…which oddly enough is exactly how long Dean’s p…utter is.

On every field…that we don’t own but rent.

In every neighborhood…that we will never step foot in because it doesn’t have a country club with security gates.

For all of Carson.

We wear “L.A.” on our chest…but like the new logo, we f**ked-up AGAIN, and had “A.L.” mistakenly printed on all our new team gear and had to throw it away.

We fight for it with our heart…and thank god it’s the heart and not the balls, because we don’t have ANY balls.

Fight for Carson

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