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Austin Ekeler & Joey Bosa Discuss 30-24 OT Win Over the Colts "Too Close"

Austin Ekeler won the season opener for the Chargers in as much as Adam Vinatieri lost it for the Colts.

"Too close, but a win's a win," said Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa shortly after the team's 30-24 win over the Indianapolis Colts in overtime. "I see as a defense how many opportunities, 3rd and 20, I mean there was a bunch of times we could get off the field, two-point conversion, we need to stop them. We rallied, our offense did an unbelievable job in overtime."

Austin Ekeler made people quickly forget Melvin Gordon with his three-touchdown performance, one rushing and two receiving, including the game-winner in overtime.

But the difference in this game was clearly the breakdown of the Colts special teams, which saw the timeless Adam Vinatieri miss two field goals and an extra point.

“I didn’t help them out at all, so any one of those couple misses goes through and it’s a different game," said Vinatieri. "I feel kind of, obviously, I feel lousy because the guys played their guts off against a really good Chargers team and they played well enough to win and I didn’t help them out. I totally let them down."

After the game, Ekeler discussed filling the shoes of Melvin Gordon and why the offense will be even more explosive when he returns.

The Chargers defense allowed 203 rushing yards to the Colts and linebacker Thomas Davis was none too pleased with the effort.

"We just can't allow that to happen. You can't allow teams to come in and rush the ball for 200 yards against you.You just can't do it in this league."

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