WATCH: Terrifying Video of "Firenado" Spawned By California Brush Fire

On Wednesday a combination of high winds, hot temperatures and enflamed brush created a rare fire phenomenom also known as a "firenado" in northwest the Los Angeles area of Gorman, California.

Footage of the blaze was captured while firefighters were battling the brush fire. Depsite their experience in fighting all types of fires, they sounded awed by the spectacle developing before them.

The video below from KTLA, shows multiple strains of the fire pulling together to create a spinning funnel of fire and smoke.

According the Roaring.Earth,

Firenados are initially born from the “fire” part, not the “tornado.” As wildfires burn, they create a large region of extremely hot air right above the ground. When this super-heated air interacts with cooler air higher up, the resulting updrafts and downdrafts create the exact same atmospheric instability that gives rise to dust devils.(Thunderstorm-driven tornados also form from the merger of warm, moist air and cooler, dry air — but at much larger scales).

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