Play-By-Play Schedule San Diego Sports 760

San Diego Sports 760 is America's Finest Sports Station. Turn to us for live, play-by-play coverage of Southern California's top teams, including the San Diego State University Aztecs, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the NFL. This week's play-by-play schedule includes:

Saturday 4/1

12:30 pm NCAA FINAL FOUR Show - previewing the day's semi-final games

1:30 pm Pre-Game Show FINAL FOUR GAME - SDSU Aztecs vs Florida Atlantic

3:09 pm Tip Off FINAL FOUR GAME - SDSU Aztecs vs Florida Atlantic

TBD NCAA FINAL FOUR Game 2: UConn vs Miami (we will join the game in progress following SDSU Aztecs post-game coverage)

Sunday 4/2

3:45 pm NBA - L.A. Lakers @ Houston Rockets

Monday 4/3

4:30 pm NCAA Mens' Basketball National Championship game

Tuesday 4/4

6:00 pm NBA - L.A. Lakers @ Utah Jazz

Wednesday 4/5

6:45 pm NBA - L.A. Lakers @ L.A. Clippers

Friday 4/7

7:15 pm NBA - L.A. Lakers vs Pheonix Suns

Sunday 4/9

12:15 pm NBA - L.A. Lakers vs Utah Jazz

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