California Family Makes Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air

Woman drinking water seaside.

Photo: Getty Images

A California family has discovered an intuitive way to create safe drinking water in abundance. According to The Sacramento Bee, the system is currently being tested by the Valley Water Collaborative and the water is being distributed throughout certain areas of Stanislaus and Merced counties. Within the system, only 10 gallons of water are able to be sourced from the air per day. Though that doesn't seem like a lot, The Sacramento Bee mentioned that 10 gallons is enough for drinking and cooking in an average household.

The system was first installed outside of Martha Lorenzo's property in May after the well from which Lorenzo and her extended family obtained their water was soiled with nitrate.

Collin Goddard Vice President of business development for the project, mentioned that the device set up outside of the Lorenzo household costs anywhere from $7,000 to $8,000 dollars to install, but will pay for itself over time.

“This isn’t going to save the world, by any means,” Goddard shared, “but if it helps make sure that people get clean drinking water from a tap inside their house, then I think that’s a material benefit.”

The Modesto Bee shared a video that details exactly how the device sources clean water from the air. Being able to extract water from the air in a sustainable manner could help those who consume polluted water, as well as those who live where there is not much water available.

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