Will President Biden Say Anything Good About America Tonight?

Preparing for the SOTU tonight, the question is: will Biden say anything good about America?

Sounds like a crazy question. Will the President of the United States of America mention any good things about America, but...listen tonight for any examples.

And then compare it with Donald Trump's 4th of July speech at Mt. Rushmore: 

The speech that the NY Times called "Divisive":

CNN reported on the 28 "most outrageous lines"

This is what the left will do to you if you dare say anything good about America.

Instead, we'll get lines about how the George Floyd case "ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism...that is a stain our nation’s soul".

Wow. Inspiring.

The world is watching indeed. They're watching to see how/if our president defends America. Has there ever been a county in history that teaches its own children and citizens to hate it as much as we do?

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